CB Genetics is a family-owned operation that specializes in Bovine InVitro Fertilization for cattleman wanting to expand their herd using the most effective technology and choice of genetics. With five locations across four states – Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky – CB Genetics is ready to help you discover how better genetics can lead to a better herd.


Precision Genetic Livestock Performance Solutions

CB Genetics is proud to be a Vytelle IVF satellite location. Vytelle is an integrated technology platform built to accelerate genetic progress in cattle. They offer the very best in high-performance reproductive technology, multiplying genetics from elite-performing animals utilizing the most modern in vitro fertilization (IVF) technique available.

Across the Plains of Texas to the Hills of Tennessee

CB Genetics has five locations – one each in Texas, Georgia, and Kentucky and two in Tennessee – to meet your cattle genetic needs. Come to one of our OPU sessions held once every three weeks at one of our locations and find out how CB Genetics can help you improve your herd faster than you thought possible.

Upcoming OPU Sessions

View an upcoming schedule of our OPU Sessions, held every three weeks year round. No setup or FSH shots required. Heifers or cows; open or pregnant. One price per embryo. Call us to book your spot today!

The Family and the Team Behind CB Genetics

From the family at the heart of the operation to the team of people making it happen every single day, get to know the incredible, hard-working people behind CB Genetics.