About CB Genetics

CB Genetics is a family-owned operation, started in 2020 by Charlie and Britlee Adkins. Charlie has a long history in the cattle industry and has been operating IVF programs since 2013. While traveling to and from all our OPU locations he also manages Crazy K Ranch Angus in Michie, TN. CB Genetics operates five locations across four states – Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky. We specialize in Bovine InVitro Fertilization for cattleman wanting to expand their herd using the most effective technology and choice of genetics.

Meet Our Team 

Charlie and Britlee Adkins are the joint owners of CB Genetics. Charlie oversees the cattle management and genetics operations while Britlee is over day-to-day operations.

  • Charlie Adkins, Director of Operations and Genetics (charlie@cbgenetics.org)

  • Britlee Adkins, Business Manager (britlee@cbgenetics.org)

  • Dustin Fowler, OPU Manager (dustin@cbgenetics.org)

  • CB Genetics Office Number:¬† 936-280-0607

  • Email: CBGenetics@outlook.com

Raising Up a Cowgirl

Charlie and Britlee aren’t alone in running the family business. Their 11-year-old daughter Fallon more than holds her own when it comes to living the Texas ranch life. Fallon competes all over the country showing cattle. But more than just competing, she has a genuine passion for the hard work and love it takes to raise cattle.